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We make websites so you can show your idea, product or service to the world. We like to make premium webs or applications, with those little details that will make your clients come back to the site, and fall in love with your brand in the process. Let's start, shall we?

Who we are

Notsoda is a small studio in the city of Barcelona, with more than 10 years of experience in web development, and with infinite desire to help you on your website or app.

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How do we work

The truth is that we do not invent the wheel with our way of working ... and that's the idea! A simple, efficient way of approaching projects that will reduce problems and headaches throughout the process, and long after the project is finished. There is also a nice page with some more complex explanations about the technical issues that we consider when at the backstage of a project.

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What do we do

We do the following: consultancy to guide you throughout the whole web project; user experience, so that the web is super usable; the frontend or layout of the web based on a design; also the graphic design in full; and to finish, the backend and the frontend altogether, that is the full stack!

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You just need to tell us what web you want to create, and we get to work.

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