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  • Consultancy

    We help you define the needs of graphic design, usability, frontend development, backend development, systems, security, SEO ... whatever you can think of! And if you do not know any of these words, we also help you start a project from scratch, explaining things to you in a way that is easy to understand and adapting to your technical knowledge.

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  • UX

    UX stands for User Experience, and is the branch of design that attempts to address content layout and interaction solutions on digital devices. Many times this is in the background or is not taken into account at all, but it is a fundamental aspect of any website: if the information on it is not easily accessible, depending on the place or device chosen by the user (or the time of day), if the navigation is not clear, if the interactivity is not fluid ... then we will make the user think too much, or we will make it difficult for them to use the web again and consume the services or products that we were offering. And we don't want that.

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  • Frontend Development

    From a given graphic design, we take care of translating it into a layout or frontend code, which is basically html + css + javascript + responsive. More in detail: the html will be pure html or templates in php (twig or blade type), depending on whether the project is a framework in Symfony or Laravel, or it is a CMS like Drupal or Wordpress, or it is a webapp, or a static page in html. The css will be done by compiling SASS, which is much more powerful than barebone css. The javascript will be, depending on specifications, js based on jQuery, or vanilla js, or js under a js framework like VueJS or Angular or some other. To finish, we carry out the Responsive design of the web, so that it looks perfect in any resolution.

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  • Full Stack Development

    Here we cover everything. On the one hand, the infrastructure of the web: the server, the development environments, pre-production, production, the deploy to each environment, the backups, etc. On the other, the backend code: the framework or CMS, the php programming, etc. Then, the layout and programming in the frontend: html or templates, css with sass, javascript, responsive. The entire website from A to Z. The entire package. It is Full Stack.

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  • Graphic Design

    Based on the needs, target audience, corporate image guidelines (if any), ideas of appearance (look and feel), and some references, we will propose you a powerful, effective, inspiring graphic design. This is worked very closely with the user experience design, to give it a paint coat of super-usability.

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