You put the idea, Notsoda turns it into a web following these steps!

  • 1

    All starts with an idea

    Explain us your idea: how you imagine your new website, what is the objective you are pursuing, what functionalities you need, what is your budget ... Fill in the contact form so we can analyze your needs and propose a work plan.

  • 2

    Then we meet face to face

    We will contact you to have a meeting and explain the work plan and how we will develop it.

  • 3

    We define the project documents

    Between the client and Notsoda we will create a document to define the specifications, the functionalities, the data model and the sitemap. With this we will prepare a pre-contract, also defining the deadlines.

  • 4

    Let's roll up our sleeves!

    With the bases of your web defined, the road is divided into two paths: design and development.

  • 5

    On the one hand, we start with the User Experience and Graphic Design

    The User Experience (UX) focuses on the ease of handling and navigation of the web or application, resulting in mockups or prototypes of the site or app. The Graphic Design, on the other hand, completes these prototypes with typographies, spaces, colors, logo, etc. which fit the corporate image and the needs of the project.

  • 6

    On the other hand, we start the development of the web or app

    With the specifications document (data model, functionalities and sitemap) we start programming your website with the technologies suitable for the project.

  • 7

    We integrate design into programming, pixel perfect

    Once the design and web development are completed, the two paths are reconnected again at this stage in which the graphic design is adapted to the programming. In this step, we are especially detailed, all the pixels of the design will be reflected in the final result!

  • 8

    We test, re-evaluate, go back to previous points, improve

    We continuously test functionalities and usability, and we do it in a test environment that can be accessed by the client. This allows to improve previous steps, if necessary, and thus ensure that the project conforms to the specifications and needs previously defined.

  • 9

    We launch the website!

    And the initial idea, finally, sees the light!

  • 10

    And we hope to start a new adventure together soon

    We just need you to send us your idea and we will contact you.

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